Types of retaining walls


When we think of a retaining wall, we often default to the most common type we see around, or some favourite concept we have always had without researching the options available. Considering that retaining walls are one of the most expensive features of any earthwork’s development, commercial, industrial or residential its worth taking a moment to look at the benefits and costs of various types of walls.

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Introducing GeoCert Laboratory


Cirtex is pleased to announce the successful accreditation of the GeoCert laboratory specialising in materials testing for geosynthetic materials and covering a range of tests for geotextiles and Filter Sleeve™ to the appropriate AS and RMS standards.

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Wear your heart on your Sleeve-It


When discussing SRWs, the resistance to overturning comes from the retaining wall setback and its self-weight, which many times are not enough to resist the localised overturning moments generated when a load is applied to a fence post.

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Geotextile and Geogrid – Doing the basics better


With geotextiles and geogrids becoming ever more popular and integrated in a wide variety of civil works, it is easy to become complacent as to the selection and use of the correct grade and type of product to perform the engineering function we are looking to achieve.

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