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Chirnside Park – Platipus® Civil Anchors


Project Details




Sunland Group




Chirnside Park, Melbourne

Project Information

A 400m length of mechanically strengthened earth (MSE) embankments with polymer geogrid reinforcement (up to 5m in height) were constructed in 2015. In early 2017 additional stability measures were necessary and implemented to improve overall embankment stability, long-term performance and an improved aesthetical appearance. The additional measures or remedial works comprised of installing Platipus S6 ARGS Anchor Systems and Plati-Drains (to alleviate porewater pressure build up). These were driven to depths of up to 4m into the existing steep slope faced embankment. A durable Double Twist PVC coated galvanised mesh was applied to the slope faces and hydro-seeding and mulching measures were introduced to facilitate vegetation growth and establishment.


The remedial works was carried out during a three month period using readily available plant resources of small hand-held breakers and excavators which were used to drive and install the Platipus anchor systems.

The Platipus® anchoring systems were chosen and deployed for the following main features & benefits:

  • ‘Buildability’ & Ease of Installation – effective & efficient installation
  • Installation and implementation of the system can be switched ‘on and off’ very easily requiring the support and availability of local resources and plant
  • No messy grouting, load uncertainty or delay in load testing with immediate load verification to satisfy the Engineer and all project stakeholders
  • Environmentally sensitive solution – no contamination from wet slurry or grouting measures used on a traditional soil nail system
  • Total (supply & install) cost savings over alternative traditional solutions

Products used in this Project