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Cirtex® Wick Drain

Cirtex® Wick Drain can be of significant assistance in increasing the speed of consolidation of very soft soils.

This ultimately improves the shear strength of the soil so that an engineered structure may be constructed quickly.

Cirtex Wick Drain is a specially designed polypropylene core extruded into a unique configuration to transmit maximum water flow on both sides of the core.

The core is fully wrapped in a nonwoven geotextile filter that is ultrasonically welded to maintain effective filtration. The main design advantage of this core structure is the resistance to pinching off flow when distorted under the effects of ground consolidation.



Frequently Asked Questions

Wick Drain provides a path for water to exit from dense cohesive soils, speeding up consolidation.

Nonwoven spun bonded polyester geotextile.

Yes, Wick Drain can be used for relieving pore water pressure in seismic events. However detailed engineering design is required.

100mm wide by 300m long.

Benefits & Features





76297 Wick Drain 100mm x 300m
76453 Anchor Plates 190mm x 90mm 200 per box

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