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BioCoir Coconut Matting

BioCoir is biodegradable coconut fibre for erosion and sediment control and landscaping applications.

BioCoir is ideal for protecting cut faces and exposed soil from erosion due to wind and water.

In addition to the erosion control function, Cirtex® BioCoir allows moisture penetration to assist vegetation establishment while insulating the seed and root zones from extremes of temperature.

BioCoir BC300JR and BC450JR have a jute net to reinforce the product, making it 100% natural fibre.


Frequently Asked Questions

BioCoir 300 – Shallow slopes and protected areas.

BioCoir 450 – Steeper slopes and more exposed areas.

BioCoir 1200 – Erosion control and weed suppression.

While BioCoir will provide some weed suppression while plants are becoming established, it is not considered a weedmat as some weeds will grow through.

If you require a weedmat for your project we would recommend DuraForce™ WG21 weedmat which is a robust woven geotextile.

It is used to protect cut faces and exposed soil from erosion (wind and water damage).

Very cost-effective when compared with other turf reinforcement matting.

12-18 months for both grades.

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13602 BioCoir 300JR 2.4m x 50m (120m²)
13033 BioCoir 450JR 2.4m x 50m (120m²)

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