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Cirtex Rock Bags


Cirtex Rock Bags stand as flexible and sturdy net bags filled with rock, offering a versatile and ecologically sound substitute for concrete, gabions, and rock rip rap. These bags are employed to counteract scour and erosion in aquatic and marine settings.

Presented in both 2-ton and 4-ton sizes, they are crafted from a resilient UV-resistant polyester net and are filled with rock at the installation site. Once in place, they establish a shield against erosion, delivering a swift, long-lasting, and economically viable resolution.

The smaller rocks within the net bags moderate flow velocities by harnessing water energy through the generous spaces between the rocks. These abundant interstitial gaps also foster habitats for invertebrates, collecting fine particles like gravel and silt that support the natural growth of vegetation over time.

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Cirtex Rock Bags can be used independently or as part of a bioengineering design with vegetated systems above water level, providing a very effective scour and erosion control solutions.  Working with nature rather than against it to provide habitat biodiversity simultaneously with an engineered approach for asset protection.

Benefits of Cirtex Rock Bags:

  • Flexibility: Cirtex Rock Bags effortlessly conform to the shape and contours of the underlying surface allowing them to be placed on uneven surfaces and still providing a effective erosion protection solution allowing.
  • Quick to install: The Cirtex Rock Bags are extremely fast to fill on site and place allowing the projects to be completed quickly and with minimal cost and delays.
  • Versatile: Cirtex Rock Bags can be used in a wide range of erosion protection and scour applications making them a valuable tool for engineers and contractors to deploy during and after extreme weather events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cirtex Rock Bags material is a virgin polyester. It is ideal for hydraulic works as it is rust-proof, non-corrosive, rot proof, and weather resistant. It can withstand exposure to ultraviolet, salt water and fresh water

We recommend using 50-200mm rocks in the 2 ton and 4 ton. For the 8 ton, 75-200mm is suitable.

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60579 Rock Bag 1Ton (Polymer Double Net Bag) & Ring
60496 Rock Bag 2Ton (Polymer Double Net Bag) & Ring
60581 Rock Bag 8Ton (Polymer Double Net Bag) & Ring

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