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MagnumStone™ is a large wet-cast interlocking concrete block system providing an aesthetically pleasing, robust design, fast and cost-effective retaining solution

MagnumStone is a unique hollow core mass block system, manufactured here in Australia, designed with the asset owner, engineer and contractor in mind. The MagnumStone system allows for robust design options to meet many different conditions and finished facing requirements. An extremely quick and easy installation process effectively removes a lot of the manual labour found with other retaining systems.

MagnumStone™ is a Registered Trademark of CornerStone® registered in Canada.

MagnumStone Unit Specification

Frequently Asked Questions

The MagnumStone extenders are used only for a gravity wall where extra mass is required to make the wall stable. They nest into the back of the block to provide extra support. Extenders are not required for geogrid reinforced walls.

Currently we are stocking the LedgerStone finish which has an attractive natural rock appearance. Other face details are available on a project specific basis.

MagnumStone can be designed as a reinforced wall with StrataGrid reinforcement, or as a mass gravity structure without grid. Ask Cirtex which option is best for your site.

Cirtex can provide indicative design charts for initial project costing and can assist an engineer with detailed analysis. MagnumStone uses tried and trusted international design methodology.

Yes the CornerStone design package is available to all design engineers. To download a copy go to

Benefits & Features

Design Options





MS15LSN MagnumStone Block Standard N/A
MS11LSN MagnumStone Block Top N/A
MS17LSN MagnumStone Block Base N/A
MS22LSN MagnumStone Half-Block Standard N/A
MS19LSN MagnumStone Half-Block Top N/A
MS21LSN MagnumStone Half-Block Base N/A




MS49LSN MagnumStone Block End (Left) N/A
MS20LSN MagnumStone Half-Block End Kit N/A
MS25 MagnumStone Block Extender Small N/A
MS24 MagnumStone Block Extender Large N/A

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