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Cirtex® Rock Mattresses

Cirtex® Rock Mattresses are a double twist mesh rock confinement system for high energy erosion and scour protection applications.

The confinement of the rock within the double twist mesh effectively increases the resistance of rock movement for a given flow condition and subsequently protects the underlying soil from scour.

Cirtex mattresses are supplied with a BEZINAL 2000 90% Zinc + 10% Aluminium coating, the new generation long life alloy coating offering double the protection than the commonly available 95% Zinc + 5% AL coating systems and an extra coating of PVC to provide protection to the galvanising and an additional corrosion barrier.



Frequently Asked Questions

In Rock Mattresses, the rock infill should be 75mm to a maximum nominal size of approximately two thirds the height of the bed with no more than 5% by mass being finer than 75mm.

All Cirtex gabions are galvanised. PVC mattresses have an extra plastic coating as well.

A geotextile of the appropriate grade (usually DuraForce™ AS410) should be placed beneath the Rock Mattresses to prevent migration of fines. A geogrid is not often required.

A firm and clear foundation is required for placing the rock mattresses for best performance. See the download section for details of installation.

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76529 Cirtex Rock Mattress (Benzinal/PVC) 6m x 2m x 300mm
76531 Cirtex Rock Mattress (Benzinal/PVC) 6m x 2m x 230mm

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