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DuraGreen Reinforced Soil System

The DuraGreen is a vegetated reinforced soil wall system, also called Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall (MSEW), that is a proven engineered solution for slopes up to 70 ̊.

DuraGreen is a cost-effective and fast method to build MSE wall systems and consists of StrataGrid® PET geogrid and soil filled facing socks or bags. The facing forms the correct angle and provides a medium for vegetation to establish.

StrataGrid is wrapped around the face to form the face angle, and bags or socks filled with soil are used to provide a medium for vegetation to establish in.

MSEW’s are becoming increasingly popular as an economical and effective solution for steepened slopes and retaining walls.

Each DuraGreen Reinforced Soil System component is carefully selected and engineered to work together to provide a structurally sound long term solution. Cirtex® can provide design support using the latest slope reinforcement and MSEW programs.

StrataGrid® is a Registered Trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Registered in the United States.


Frequently Asked Questions

The secondary geogrid is for face stability and compaction assistance only, and the grade and type of grid is not as important as the primary geogrid, DuraGrid X is often used for this.

Vegetation of the slope face is critical to the long-term performance of reinforced slopes. The contractor must ensure the slope is vegetated by either hydro seeding or placing a seeded soil mix directly into the facing bags. The soil filled bags serve to protect the bare soil face against erosion until the vegetation is established, assist in reducing runoff velocity for increased water absorption by the soil, thus promoting long-term survival of the vegetative cover and reinforce the surficial root system of the vegetative cover.

The DuraGreen installation instructions give details for establishing vegetation on the face. It is a requirement of the system that the face is protected with adequate growth and Cirtex has many examples of successful projects to demonstrate the effectiveness of this system.

The geosynthetic reinforcement is StrataGrid which has an expected lifespan of 100+ years in most soil environments.

DuraGreen is for slopes up to 70 degrees and where the face has long-term support from the geogrid. DuraSlope is for slopes 45 degrees and less where the face is not supported by the geogrid reinforcement and is protected by an erosion control product.

Benefits & Features

DuraGreen Typical Cross Section

This 3D diagram shows an overview of the installation layers of a standard DuraGreen wall. This is not an installation guide and only acts as a concept.

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