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Crane Foundation – Platipus® Civil Anchors


Project Details


Commercial & Industrial Property Pty Ltd


Commercial & Industrial Property Pty Ltd


CostineRoe Consulting


Casecade, Brisbane, Queensland

Project Information

CostinRoe designed a jib crane baseplate and footing incorporating 4no. Platipus B6 Anchor Systems. 200mm diameter core holes were initially drilled into a 300mm thick concrete slab to facilitate mechanically driving the Platipus B6 Anchor Systems to depths of 2.5m.

Working Load requirements of each anchor system was 85kN with each anchor system being on-site Proof Load tested to 100kN.

The Platipus Earth Anchoring System was chosen as the preferred solution to stabilise and provide a holding down force to the 1.5 ton jib crane arrangement for the following main features and benefits:

  • ‘Buildability’ & ease of installation – all anchor systems were installed and tested within an 8 hour working window.
  • The Platipus anchor system and installation equipment was available from Cirtex Australia who provided full technical advice and on-site support.
  • Overall cost savings over traditional solutions – reduced concrete foundation requirement

Products used in this Project