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Landslip Remediation Project – Platipus® Civil Anchors


Project Details


Earthtec & JK Geotechnics


Waverly Council


JK Geotechnics


Rodney Reserve, Dover Heights NSW

Project Information

Waverly Council invited tenders for the landslip repairs using a sandstone block retaining wall. Having evaluated various options Earthtec proposed a design and construct alternative using Platipus Anchoring system as a recommended option along with conforming solutions for the sandstone works. Ultimately council decided that the sandstone revetment and Platipus Anchors combined with reinforced erosion mat offered by Earthtec was the preferred solution.


Working closely with the Cirtex technical support team Earthtec finalised the design details and engaged JK Geotechnics to provide an independent certification for the main slip area and the adjacent batters. The combination of Platipus Anchors and a double twist woven mesh reinforced erosion mat provided embankment stabilisation and erosion protection which would restore the area to be revegetated to match it’s original appearance.


Earthtec installed a matrix of Platipus B4 Anchors systems to a maximum depth of 7m into an embankment slope with an angle of repose up to 35 degrees. In a short time frame period of just 3 working days, all the anchor systems were installed with each system being instantly load locked and load verified with proof loads of up to 40kN. A difficult access project using specialist access equipment and a pneumatic jack hammer to drive and install the anchor systems.

The Platipus anchoring systems were chosen and deployed for the following main features & benefits

  • A major driving force for implementing the Platipus anchor solution was its speed and ease of installation
  • Carrying out a project risk assessment, a short time frame was preferred to complete the anchor system works
  • Instant load verification and no time delay in having to wait for a grouted soil nail option to cure
  • Relatively low ‘total’ (supply & install) cost anchor solution in comparison to other systems and solutions

Products used in this Project