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Meyer Road Bridge – Plati-Drain®

Meyer Road Bridge – Plati-Drain®

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Project Details


McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd


Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) South Australia


PTP Alliance


Lonsdale, South Australia

Project Information

Remedial and stability measures were designed and implemented to the existing Meyer Road Bridge located in Lonsdale, South Australia.


Platipus Plati-Drain S8 ‘Passive’ Systems were designed and detailed to provide drainage and porewater pressure relief to the existing road/rail bridge abutments in Lonsdale.


Works were carried out over a one day rail possession window during Easter Monday 2020. 125mm diameter holes were cored through the existing bridge abutments and 20 off Platipus S8 ‘Passive’ systems were quickly percussion driven and installed using a 5t excavator with mounted breaker

The Platipus anchoring system provided the following main benefits and features:

  • A major driving force for implementing the Platipus solution was its speed and ease of installation
  • Very short time frame, rail possession window, to complete the installation works
  • Readily available local plant to install the Platipus system
  • An environmentally sensitive solution requiring no grouting measures

Products used in this Project