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Pillow Talk Retaining Wall, Queensland – MagnumStone™


Project Details


Hutchinson Builders


Pillow Talk



Darra, Brisbane

Project Information

Hutchinson Builders (Hutchies) were engaged to build a new site for Pillow Talk in Darra Brisbane, constructing a high-end office and warehouse distribution complex to bring a number of Pillow Talk sites under one roof. The project required a retaining structure 185m long and up to 6.7m high running along the side and across back of the site to provide a level platform. The MagnumStone system selected for the project addressed several key factors. It provided an aesthetically pleasing looking product to complement the high-end building. It also offered a robust engineered retaining wall that could take heavy vehicle loadings and still be easy to construct with minimal labour required.


The MagnumStone positive connection MSE wall system allowed the wall to be constructed with no steps / tiers, with the standard 97.6-degree batter allowing maximum land utilisation for the site.

Cirtex worked closely with Hutchies throughout the initial scoping stage to come up with a solution that met the project requirements. We looked at both the MagnumStone Positive Connection MSE and MagnumStone Mass Gravity wall options, assessing both design and constructibility of each option, with the MagnumStone Positive connection system being selected as the best fit for this site.

The overall constructed cost of the MagnumStone Positive Connection MSE system provided an attractive option and gave the added benefit of allowing Hutchies to have control over the construction and program of the wall construction.


Cirtex provided Hutchies construction team with onsite support and training on how to construction the MagnumStone System at the commencement of the project and ongoing support as needed through the construction process.

The MagnumStone system provided the following benefits to the project:

  • Speed of construction
  • Strong and durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing

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