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Sea Views Wombarra Vista – MagnumStone™


Project Details


Menai Civil Constructors Pty


Wombarra Vista


Maker ENG


Wombarra, NSW

Project Information

Seacliff Estate, a high-end residential estate, was developed in Wombarra near the seaside city of Wollongong. Engineers Maker ENG were contracted to provide a design for the overall site. Due to the sloping site and the need to provide level building pads for 14 prestigious ocean view blocks, significate retaining walls were required.

The retaining solution would need to be curved, aesthetically pleasing and take the loads of the building pads, roads etc. Maker ENG selected the MagnumStone gravity retaining wall system, as MagnumStone provided a fast to construct, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing engineered solution.


Six walls were designed using the MagnumStone Gravity System, retained up to a height of 3.6m. The walls were tiered and stepped into the ground to meet the natural curves of the surrounding landscape, with planting incorporated between some walls to add an extra aesthetic feature to the development.


The steep site running from a railway line protected by bush at the upper side of the slope to a busy narrow road at the base made for very difficult access to the project site. By using the MagnumStone gravity system, Menai Civil Constructors were able to quickly construct the walls as part of their earthworks programme as they worked around the site. Cirtex worked closely with Menai Civil Constructors to coordinate delivery to this difficult project site, making sure the right blocks were onsite when required, efficiently coordinating delivery to work in with restricted site access.

The MagnumStone system provided the following benefits to the project:

  • Fast and easy to construct.
  • Works were self-performed by earthwork contractor as part of their all over construction programme.
  • Offers a variety of design methods without changing the wall face aesthetic.
  • Stepped walls with planting between the layers create aesthetically pleasing completed walls.

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