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Shopping Centre Stabilisation & Remediation – Platipus® Civil Anchors


Project Details


Bellwether Contractors Pty Ltd & Australian Marine & Civil (AMC)


Retail First & Brisbane City Council


BG&E and Geoinventions Consulting Services (GCS)


Mitchelton, Brisbane QLD

Project Information

As part of a creek bank stabilisation and remediation project for the Brookside Shopping Centre in Brisbane, Platipus anchoring systems were chosen as the preferred solution to provide stability to an embankment cut adjacent to an existing river water course.


Australian Marine & Civil were awarded the slope remediaton package for the Brookside Shopping Centre project and involved designing and installing embankment stability measures for approximately 200m length of cut slopes, up to 8m in height and ranging from slope batters between 1V:2H to 1V:0.9H. GCS were commissioned by amc to deliver an element design solution using Platipus anchor systems. GCS implemented stringent on-site Australian Standard testing, carried out in accordance with MRTS03, of the Platipus anchor system prior to the project installation and implementation. Design life of the embankment stabilisation project was 60 years.


Australian Marine & Civil installed nearly 600no. Platipus B6 Anchor Systems and 50no. S8 Plati-drains to a maximum depth of 9m into the embankment slope. Each anchoring system was load locked and load verified for a Proof Load of up to 60kN (6 tons) and with a final ‘lock off’ or active Working (Design) Load of 45kN (4.5 tons).

The Platipus anchoring systems were chosen and deployed for the following main features & benefits:

  • One of the major driving forces for implementing the Platipus Anchor solution was its speed and ease of installation
  • Significant environmental benefit was gained using Platipus. Being close to a river water course the dry mechanical anchoring system (requiring no grouting measures) ensured minimum environmental disturbance
  • Plati-drains were installed in sections of the embankment slope for additional stability alleviating potential build-up of porewater pressures
  • Relatively low ‘Total’ (Supply & Install) cost anchor solution in comparison to other systems and solutions

Products used in this Project