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Zinc Bokarina Retaining Wall – Platipus Anchors


Project Details




Gardner Vaughan Group



Bokarina Beach, Sunshine Coast

Project Information

Situated on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the Zinc Bokarina complex will offer 84 luxuriously appointed beach front apartments.

Stratec Pty Ltd were engaged to supply and install the anchored sheet-piling retaining wall required around the perimeter of the site to allow basement and foundation construction to take place. Cirtex supported Stratec through the design and installation of the Platipus Anchors to provide the anchoring that the sheet piles required.


The mechanical, percussion driver Platipus Anchor System can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. With the soil area where these anchors were to be installed being a sand, the conditions were ideal.

A specification of 58 Platipus B8 Anchors installed at every second sheet (1200mm centres), raked 15 degrees off horizontal to 6m deep was designed. Each anchor would have a working load of 70kN and an ultimate load of 140kN, with every anchor tested to proof load.

The Platipus System creates minimal disturbance of the soil during installation. It doesn’t make any drilling mess, therefore causing no environmental concerns with the high-water table. This resulted in the system providing an ideal outcome for the project.


Cirtex provided Stratec with onsite training and support throughout the installation. This ensured all 58 anchors were installed and tested to the required standards in the allotted 4-day timeframe. As the Platipus system does not need any curing time, the excavation of the basement continued directly after anchor install and testing was complete.

Platipus Anchors provided a cost effective, quick and easy-to-install anchoring system in challenging soil conditions, allowing the works to completed on time and under budget.

The Platipus Anchoring system provided the following benefits to the project:

  • Speed and ease of installation
  • No curing time needed
  • Created minimal disturbance of the soil during installation

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