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Platipus® Solar Panels

Platipus Anchors are perfectly suited for most off-grid and standalone systems.

These anchors can be easily installed by hand with simple tools and unskilled labour, removing the need for specialised equipment. The anchors are available in a range of system configurations to suit all design life requirements:Galvanised steel for temporary applications Stainless steel for permanent applicationsAs the anchor system and installation equipment are lightweight and compact, transportation costs are also greatly reduced.

Retro-fit solutions


In situations where traditional foundation solutions have failed or are failing, due to incorrect installation or unsuitable ground conditions, a selection of bespoke wire stay solutions are available to help stabilize the array and provide additional support to uplift. These standard retro-fit systems can quickly connect the array to a Platipus Anchor. This typically consists of a stainless steel wire tendon and a simple tensioner which can be tailored to suit most frames, soil conditions and design life.

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