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Shear Lock® Slope Retention Piles

Shear Lock® Slope Retention Piles

Shear Lock® is an engineered slope retention pile system.

Shear Lock is an innovative and cost-effective way to prevent or repair shallow landslides.

Shear Lock uses tried, and true engineering principles combined with Shear Lock Piles to quickly and efficiently retain unstable material and ‘lock’ the potential shear failure plane. (Shear Lock Piles are a Registered Design of Cirtex®)

Many areas, especially around road and rail infrastructure, are characterised by steep and unstable slopes, causing landslides to block the road or rail network during frequent storm events. With the Shear Lock system, the slipped soil can be pushed back on to the slope and compacted into place, then stabilised by installing Shear Lock Piles in a predetermined grid pattern.


The Shear Lock system is also commonly used when tension cracking or slumping is detected to reinforce the slope and prevent further damage. Shear Lock piles are made to order. Contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Features

Shear Lock® Conceptual Overview

This 3D diagram shows an overview of the Shear Lock system, and how it works to reinforce slips.

Please note, this is not an installation guide and only acts as a concept.





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