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Platipus® Anchored Reinforced Grid Solutions (ARGS®)


Australia can experience some of the worlds most extreme weather conditions which can lead to instability and failure of slopes and embankments resulting in considerable consequential loss.

Platipus Earth Anchored Solutions can be a very ‘buildable’ and cost-effective solution in addressing erosion control, shallow and deeper slip failures of embankments and slopes.

Addressing potential shallow slips and improving slope stability can simply involve installing the smaller Platipus Stealth proprietary range of anchor systems with typical ‘active’ anchor loads up to 40kN (Ultimate) and driven to depths of between 1 to 3m below the embankment slope face.

With both newly cut or existing steep embankment slopes, these can be difficult to access and a Platipus anchor system solution can be driven, load locked and instantly load verified with small plant and hand-held tools. A dry mechanically driven dead-man anchor system requiring no grouting measures and no waiting days for curing!

Stabilising slopes offers many significant challenges. Platipus combine Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA) with a suitable surface or facing material to make an Anchored Reinforced Grid Solution (ARGS ). The ARGS System is ideal for stabilising slopes where over steepening, excess water, poor drainage or lack of deep-rooted vegetation have caused erosion or instability. The ARGS System offers many advantages over traditional solutions:

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Immediately quantifiable anchor loads
  • Low environmental impact
  • Encourages re-vegetation
  • Can be used with most surface or facing materials
  • Incorporating Plati-Drain can reduce pore water pressures

Cirtex can assist your review and design of a project and provide ‘Design Concept’ solutions to support your overall project review and analysis.

Please take a little time to look at some of our recent Platipus ARGS Australian case studies:

If you are interested in considering a Platipus system as a solution for your project or would like to receive a 30 minute overview and introduction to Platipus (with Australian examples) either online or at your office location, please contact us.