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Utilising Platipus Anchor Systems for Holding Down or Slope Stability


One of the most versatile and often used applications for this system is providing additional holding down measures for culverts, concrete slabs, buildings and structures. Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems, distributed by Cirtex in Australia & New Zealand, are uniquely suited for this application and are able to be designed, detailed and installed either at the pre or post phases of a construction or building project. The Platipus anchor system has over 30 years of proven experience and projects implemented around the world.

The Platipus percussion driven mechanical anchor is a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. It offers a lightweight corrosion resistant anchor that can be driven from ground surface level using conventional portable equipment. It creates minimal disturbance of the soil during installation, can be stressed to an exact holding or tensile loading capacity and made fully operational immediately. As a completely dry system, it requires no messy grouting measures and provides minimal environmental impact!

If concrete slabs or structures have been precast or poured, holes can be relatively easily cored within the concrete slabs to facilitate the installation and testing of a Platipus anchor system.

Restricted site access

Whether it is within a culvert, existing building or tight access, Platipus Earth Anchors can be installed with portable and readily available construction plant and equipment. Depending on the specification and size of a project, portable hydraulic hand breakers or small excavators are generally sufficient for installation purposes. Temporary drive rods to install the anchor systems are sectional and therefore allow for deep drives with a relatively short access area to work within.

Environmental sensitivity

Traditional anchoring systems rely on drilling and grouting, both processes that can be detrimental to the environment. Drilling fluids and grout measures can be detrimental to local flora and fauna. The Platipus percussion driven system simply installs by either static or dynamic force from the surface, thus minimising environmental damage and leaving the surrounding insitu soil and surface undisturbed.

Some recent examples in Australia are:

Additional holding down measures to a reinforced concrete slab and superstructure

Appropriate sized holes were initially cored through a 300mm thick concrete slab to allow for the installation of 7no. Platipus B4 and 7no. Platipus B6 anchor systems. These anchor systems were percussion driven and load locked to insitu soil depths of 4m. ‘Working’ or ‘Design’ Load requirements of up to 50kN (5tons) were achieved and verified.

View details of another project here:
Additional holding down measures for a 1.5ton Operational Jib Crane in a Brisbane Factory in Queensland

Want to know more? Contact us here for a series of 3 short videos covering the Platipus system from the perspectives of concept, design and installation.